bLog-oMotives "rattles the hell out of the keyboard"

Thanks to fellow Portland designer Samuel John Klein, of The ZehnKatzen Times blog and Designorati, for giving me a "heads up" about the local Daily Journal of Commerce giving bLog-oMotives a mention in the October issue of Commerce Magazine. The cover story for the publication is 26 Reasons why design rules in Portland: An A to Z guide to all things wild, weird and wonderful. In the "B" entry of the special feature, about the blogs of area "creative types," the publication states "Copy creatives in Portland may take home a paycheck for writing, but local designers can rattle the hell out of the keyboard, too, often turning to blogs to strut their verbal stuff."

In regards to my own efforts with bLog-oMotives, the writer continues with "Logo guru Jeff Fisher of Jeff Fisher LogoMotives pounds the keys at, where he rolls out design news, commentary and resources, plus a tasty-sounding potato salad recipe and an occasional "Jeffism." (No 5: 'To err is human; to make something positive from the situation is design.')"

In addition to the The ZehnKatzen Times, the blogs singled out include Kamp Grizzly, Tim Coulter's Sport Bucket, PORT, and the Portland Institute for Contemporary Arts blog at Urban Honking.

Thank you Daily Journal of Commerce and Commerce Magazine.

© 2006 Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

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