Subvertisements: Using Ads and Logos for Protest

The Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG) is exhibiting images from their archives in the politcal graphics show Subvertisements: Using Ads and Logos for Protest at the California State University Northridge Art Galleries in Northridge, CA through April 21. The exhibition, of nearly 90 posters by artists, graphic designers and students, explores how consumerism and branding have shaped a foundation of cultural identity.

In describing the exhibit, Los Angeles CityBeat notes: "Two years in the planning, the show hosts work from the 1960s through just last week. Topics include vegetarianism, the environment, globalization, and human rights. Most of the posters were culled from the CSPG’s extensive collection; others were donations made specifically for this exhibit."

Items displayed in the exhibition are divided into three main categories, with some inevitable overlap: posters that appropriate ad imagery to address separate issues; product boycotts; and event posters with overtly political illustrations.

“Posters still have a real cost-effective and visual function,” says CSPG director Carol Wells. “To convey an idea to someone to get them thinking about a problem … artists can do that better than anyone else.”

The exhibition is funded in part by the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles.

Image: "iRaq," Forkscrew Graphics, Silkscreen, 2004, Los Angeles, CA

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