Finds while bouncing 'round the blog-o-sphere

Just got up from my nap on this rainy Saturday afternoon and was checking out some of the links that run down the left side of bLog-oMotives. To be honest, I'd much rather be out "playing in the dirt" of my garden.

However, the always interesting the thought kitchen, from the folks at nau, led me to pausing for a moment on their "like minds" links. I wondered what Milky Plastique was all about - and found plenty of art and design eye-candy to visit. Browsing through the entries was a great was to spend some time on this lazy day. I bounced a ways down to the post about The Poster List and was connected to the great poster design work of a couple guys named Adam and Neil. I think the image "Cut & Paste" (above) may have cause a momentary design career flash-back. Nice work guys!

Illustration courtesy of The Poster List

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