A quick "thank you" to UnBeige

bLog-oMotives is getting a bit more traffic than usual this morning - and it's coming from mediabistro.com's blog UnBeige. Thanks for the mention in the UnBeige post To Tell the Tale of Branding, with references to David Airey's logo sketches for a client named Circle, the process I've been through in creating my own business identity, and Airey's post Is your logo design phallic?

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beatz01 said...

You know that the post from David Airey actually has a link to Logomotives, but not your site but another site that is called "Logomotives" as well:

Or is that a site of yours as well ?



Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said...

The other "LogoMotives" is the site of identity and font design Mike Erickson. With many firms around the world using variations on the name, he and I have had no problem co-existing in the design world over the years and have a great deal of respect for each other's work.

Thanks - Jeff

beatz01 said...

Good to know; i just thought i'd let you know in case you weren't aware :)