The Magic of View-Master exhibit in Portland

As a kid I was fascinated with my View-Master. It took me on travels around the world and gave incredible dimension to some of my favorite cartoon characters. I also thought it was really cool that the company was based in Oregon - and, on our station wagon adventures, my family occasionally went by the factory where the magic was taking place.

My childhood flashed back to me the other day with an article in The Oregonian about the new exhibit at the The 3D Center of Art and Photography. This past Thursday the exhibition The Magic of View-Master opened in the gallery/museum. The show will run through May 27, 2007.

From the Center's website:

The Magic of View-Master will take a stroll through the history of the View-Master company. The exhibition will included numerous pieces of View-Master history, such as cameras, viewers, reels and projectors.

A highlight of the exhibition will be original sculptures from View-Master artist, Joe Liptak. Mr. Liptak hand-crafted many of the best View-Master sets in the 1970's including Cinderella, the Jungle Book and the Flintstones. A selection of Mr. Liptak's creations will be on display in the Gallery.

During the run of the exhibit, a digital stereo slide show, View-Master Through the Ages, will be presented in the Stereo Theater. On the evenings of April 19th and May 19th there will be discussions with sculptor Joe Liptak and former View-Master employee Rich Dubnow.

The 3D Center of Art and Photography, a non-profit museum/gallery, features the best in antique and contemporary 3D imagery. The Center houses everything from antique stereocards to View Master, contemporary 3D photography, lenticulars, anaglyphs, and computer generated 3D art. The facility is located at 1928 NW Lovejoy Street in Portland, Oregon.

Hmmm...I wonder what happened to the View-Master and reels that my siblings and I enjoyed as kids. I suppose our parents sold it all at some point, along with our Lionel train set, because they felt we were no longer interested in the toys of our childhood.

Photo of View-Master sculptor Joe Liptak from The 3D Center of Art and Photography website

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