Toot! Toot!*: spotlights Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

The design firm Jeff Fisher Logomotives is featured as a new Small Business Spotlight on the business resource website JumpUp, "the place to start a business," allows members to post a business profile, make use of a variety of site resources, and interact with other businesses owners. Jeff Fisher LogoMotives uses the web presence to promote identity design services to potential clients, as a business research source, and in networking with other companies.

Jeff Fisher, the Engineer of Creative Identity for the Portland, OR design firm, is featured in regards to the business challenge of the sense of isolation felt by many home-based business people. The spotlight includes a photo of Fisher working from the "summer office" of his garden. As noted in the feature, the Internet provided solutions to the challenge through graphic design industry networking forums such as the HOW Design Forum and the community at Graphic Design. The website also introduced the designer to other creative professionals around the world. Fisher found an opportunity to network with other business owners through the site StartupNation. A fairly recent addition to his resource list is BoDo: Business of Design online. Designers Who Blog has provided an additional outlet for interacting with others in the design field. was created by Intuit - the maker of Turbo Tax, Quicken and QuickBooks - to help new businesses and business owners get up and running quickly and successfully. The site provides a wide variety of resources and methods for entrepreneurs to connect with other business owners. Membership and participation on JumpUp is free.

Fisher makes use of Intuit products in the operation of his own business.

Jeff Fisher has received nearly 570 regional, national and international graphic design awards for his logo and corporate identity efforts. His work is featured in nearly 100 books on the design of logos, the business of graphic design, and small business marketing.

Fisher is a member of the HOW Magazine Editorial Advisory Board, the HOW Design Conference Advisory Council and the UCDA Designer Magazine Editorial Advisory Board. His first book, The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success, was released by HOW Design Books in late 2004. His new volume, Identity Crisis!, will be on bookshelves in late 2007.

(* If I don’t "toot!" my own horn, no one else will.)

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Kira Wampler said...

Congratulations Jeff! We were very excited to spotlight your business, and we wish much continuing success.

theboss said...

As a SuN Member (Start Up Nation), I wish to applaud you and tell you I look forward to your new volume coming out in November.

Jill Krol