Cowboy Jeffie gets a Woody

Well, I already have several Woodys - from the movie Toy Story that is. I have my favorite talking Woody in my home studio. A small bendable Woody sits atop the armoire in my living room, waving to all visitors who notice (you can see him in the lower right hand corner of the photo in this bLog-oMotives post). There's an assortment of Toy Story toys around my house. In fact, there's quite a bit of cowboy memorabilia in my home - due to a life-long fascination with all things "cowboy." Yep, that's me as a young cowpoke in the photo on the right.

My most recent Woody acquisition arrived in my PO Box in the form of a copy of the two-disk 10th anniversary edition of Toy Story that I won from one of my favorite book publishing companies, Chronicle Books. Oh, how I'd love to do a book with them someday. I've always enjoyed their design books and their San Francisco store is my idea of heaven. So, it's only natural that I'm an avid reader of the Chronicle Books blog and subscriber to the email newsletter.

Late last year, through the blog and newsletter they introduced the book To Infinity and Beyond!: The Story of Pixar Animation Studios, by Karen Paik. As part of the promotion a contest was held via the Chronicle Books newsletter. Readers were asked to submit their answer to the question: "Which Pixar character do you identify with most and why?" My response was:

I've always identified with Woody from "Toy Story." As a tall skinny kid I always wanted to be a cowboy - and seeing Woody in the movie took me right back to my childhood. I even had a little kid's cowboy birthday party thrown for me when I turned 40. My friends, who call me Cowboy Jeff, all brought me cowboy toys as gifts - including a talking Woody and many other "Toy Story" gifts for my collection of cowboy memorabilia.

Not long ago I received an email from Lisa Anne Logan, of Chronicle Books, letting me know that I was one of the contest winners and my prize would soon be on its way. The latest release of Toy Story could not have been more appropriate for me.

You know, I think this is the third time I've won a Chronicle Books prize. Last time it was an autographed copy of talk-show host Craig Fegurson's debut novel Between the Bridge and the River.

You might want to visit the Chronicle Books website, sign up for their newsletter to learn about special sales and contests, and check out their blog.

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