Re-Design: Shleifer Marketing Communications

Denny Shleifer’s original logo treatment (below), consisting of his initials and type, identified his business, but conveyed very little about the energetic and enthusiastic public relations and marketing professional.

My early 90's graphic representations of television, radio and print media bursting out of Shleifer’s name (below left) conveyed much more about the individual and his professional expertise. (I featured my original doodle of the graphic, and more detail about the project, in a previous "excavated artifact" bLog-oMotives posting) The client felt he had been captured perfectly in the one concept presented as a possible new logo. The logo was revised slightly (below right) when the PR expert incorporated his business, and tweaked the name a bit, a few years later.

The Shleifer logo, in its two iterations, was featured in the design books Letterhead & Logo Design 4, The Best of Letterhead & Logo Design, International Logos & Trademarks 4, Letterhead & Logo Design 5, More Logos & Letterheads, and the Japanese offerings New Logo & Trademark Design and Logo & Trademark Collection.

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