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O.K., it's scary to think I've been working as a designer long enough that some of my logo design work might be considered "vintage." However, I began designing identities back in the mid-1970's, while in college at the University of Oregon. I've been working professionally as a designer for over 30 years. Yikes!

Recently, through a couple of design forums, I learned of designer Eric Carl's flickr posting of 120 pages of "vintage logos" (Example above right) from the book World of Logotypes, by Al Cooper. (References have since been posted on the Drawn blog, the HOW Blog and elsewhere in cyberworld.) In visiting the collection I realized it's one of the volumes that had a great deal of influence on me as a design student in the 70's. I actually have the book in my design library, along with others documenting the logos of the time, such as Logo Art by Kohei Miura, World trademarks and logotypes by Takenobu Igarashi, International Trademark Design by Peter Wildbur, and the Trademarks & Symbols series and Logotypes of the World by Yasaburo Kuwayama.

The logos being created in the 70's and early 80's were bold, often geometric, simplistic, and maybe best described as heavy or clunky. Funny, my designs - inspired by many of the designs I saw in the books listed above - were bold, often geometric, simplistic, and maybe best described as heavy or clunky.

It was fun taking a look back at some of my own "vintage" work from 25 to over 30 years ago. It's obvious that some of the designs are the work of someone just starting their career. Many of the designs are not as fine-tuned as I would release out into the world now. Still, one needs to remember that these images were created pre-computer using India ink, ruling pens, rapidiograph pens, illustration board, X-acto knives, Zipatone tapes, Chartpak films and sometimes Letraset transfer type. All in all, I'm proud of many of my earlier efforts.

The logos I designed back in the good, ol' days are (Left to right from top left): art-werks, ink. - a logo for my own non-design art efforts; Al Bauer Advertising - a Portland ad agency; Chinese Student Association - a University of Oregon student organization; Eugene University Music Association - a performing arts group; Great Northwest Insurance - a division of a Portland-based insurance company; Kohnen Larson - a Eugene, OR accounting firm; Lake Oswego Car Wash - a high-end Portland-area car wash and detailer; Loaves & Fishes - a nonprofit organization; Mindy's Needlepoint Shop - a Eugene, OR retail business; PhonePact - a San Diego telecommunications company; Robinwood Center - a West Linn, OR shopping center; Samuels & Nudelman Public Relations - a Portland-based firm; Subaru Hoop Shoot - a promotion sponsored by Subaru and the Portland Trail Blazers; Tel-Med - a medical phone information service sponsored by the Multnomah County Medical Association; The Real Scoop - a Seattle-based video review publication for parents; and Unity National Insurance - another division of a Portland-based insurance company.

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