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To have a design of which you are proud rejected is to have been "flogged." flogged magazine, the brainchild of editor/designer Jo Mulga Bill, is a website and digital download publication that provides a home for unwanted designs and unappreciated art. Creatives are asked to submit rejected work for showcasing in the PDF format magazine. Jeff Fisher Logomotives was invited to share some flogged past identity design projects in the recent November 08 issue. The logos that were approved and the not used by clients are:

• For The Birds: A friend of mine was to be opening a new retail store selling high-end birdhouses, bird feeders and other bird-related products. The store never became a reality as another career opportunity arose for the woman. The logo is featured in the books New Logo & Trademark Design (Japan), Bullet-Proof Logos and The New Big Book of Logos.

• Balaboosta: The chef/owner of two restaurants asked that the identity for her third eating establishment be in the oval shape of the others. The colors and tile motif come from the floor of the late 1800s building. With the completion of the identity project came the news that the chef had changed her plans for the renovated space. The design appears in the books The Big Book of Logos 5, 1000 Restaurant Bar & Cafe Graphics, and 100's Visual Logos & Letterheads. It was also recognized with a 2007 American Graphic Design Award.

• Esther’s Pantry: A graphic representation of my own great-grandmother gave the Esther's Pantry logo its personality. The community church operating the resource for individuals with HIV/AIDS didn’t feel the logo containing a senior citizen flasher was representative of the organization. I was asked to redesign the identity with a shopping bag and the overused AIDS ribbon graphic as elements. I’ve never liked the revised image and do not include it in any of my self-promotion efforts. My original image appeared in the PRINT Regional Design Annual.

• Cat Adoption Team: A volunteer at C.A.T. asked if I would be willing to donate my services to create a new identity for the local no-kill cat shelter and hospital facility. In doodling with the name I came up with letterforms of the acronym forming a graphic representation of a cat. While the cleverness of the design was appreciated by some associated with the group, members of the Board of Directors felt that the logo was not “warm and fuzzy” enough - and my involvement with the organization came to an amicable end. The design was recognized with a Silver Award in the international Summit Creative Awards.

• Eid: Having done a variety of design work for employee screening and identification company Eid, I was asked to design a new identity and establish new corporate colors for the business. After a fairly lengthy process, the new logo and colors (at right) were finalized and approved. At the same time some major changes were made in the administration of the corporation and the decision was made to retain the existing corporate identity (below right). Not all was lost; I was still hired to redesign many of the marketing and collateral pieces - making use of the old logo design.

Non-flogged work is also presented in each issue of the magazine, in an effort "to help our welts heal" as forms of inspiration. The November issue offers my book, Identity Crisis: 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities into Successful Brands, as a prescribed antidote for the bruises, scrapes and cuts from being flogged. It is suggested that readers take a look at the "teaser" spreads from the book.

Download the current issue of flogged magazine, and discover additional distractions from flogging injuries, at the magazine's website. You may also submit flogged designs, and subscribe to notifications of upcoming issues, on the site.

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