Tweet! Tweet!: LogoMotives in the Twitter-verse

My participation on Twitter is still a relatively new thing - but it's resulted in some great exposure for Jeff Fisher LogoMotives by way of responding to "tweet" requests from other designers. A few of the recent postings as a result of Twitter:

What makes a logo designer a professional logo designer?
By way of Twitter, Graham Smith of I'm Just Creative asks the question to a variety of graphic designers.

42 Information Packed Twitter Backgrounds
On the blog I am Mike Smith the namesake posts Twitter backgrounds for the inspiration of others.

How designers charge their clients
In part one of a series, designer David Airey asks creative professionals how they go about getting paid by their clients.

40+ Creative Logos Submitted By the Designers Themselves
On The Design Cubicle, Brian Hoff asked designers to submit their favorite self-designed logo, with comments about the project.

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