Clickety-clacks along the LogoMotives tracks

The month of September brought numerous mentions and sightings of Jeff Fisher LogoMotives out there online and in the blog-o-sphere:

How Do Creative People Use Twitter? By way of a LinkedIn discussion group, author Aliyah Marr asked how creative people made use of Twitter. Responses were presented on her Fresh Asylum blog. [09.29.09]

Interview with Jeff Fisher LogoMotives' Jeff Fisher The online print resource PsPrint interviewed me about me design career for their designer resource blog. [09.28.09]

Self-Promotion the Social Way My article, written for the October issue of HOW Magazine, is posted on the publication's web presence. More information is available on the Jeff Fisher LogoMotives blog-folio. [09.25.09]

Episode 5 – Social Networking with Jeff Fisher Thomas James, the force behind Escape from Illustration Island, interviewed me about using social networking as a marketing tool for the site's podcast. The interview was syndicated on the website Illustration Mundo. Read more about it on bLog-oMotives. [09.21.09]

Put on Your Best Face: Designers Discuss Quality Typefaces Brian Hoff, of The Design Cubicle, used Twitter to ask the question "If you could purchase one quality typeface what would it be and why?" My response was included in his blog entry. [09.15.09]

Designing A Church Logo? Some Things to Remember In his eGrace Creative blog entry, designer Brandon Cox was kind enough to include a link to some very nontraditional church logos I have created. [09.09.09]

Book Contributors: Breaking Into Freelance Illustration It's always great to be included in someone's book. I learned of being included in online pal Holly DeWolf's new volume, Breaking Into Freelance Illustration, through her blog post. In the book, my title of "Engineer of Creative Identity" and my tagline/mission statement are used as examples. [09.03.09]

Jeff Fisher of Logomotives: Toot! Toot! (Part Two) The second installment of my interview with Neenah Paper, for their "Against the Grain" blog, presented additional thoughts on social networking, the design work of those I admire, and more. The first part of the interview was posted on the blog in late August. [09.02.09]

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