Incoming "logo design love"

There's a lot of "love" coming my way from designer David Airey's identity design blog Logo Design Love. A list of 70 of the best logo design resources has been posted and three of the entries are related to Jeff Fisher LogoMotives. The list is a great resource for anyone interested in logo design.

In the "articles" section of the list is my Logo Notions column on the Creative Latitude site. It's been some time since I've added new articles - but some additions are in the works.

In the category "Logo design books" is a listing for my book Identity Crisis! 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities Into Successful Brands . Much more can be learned about the book on the Identity Crisis! blog.

bLog-oMotives gets listed as a resource under the heading of "Blogs about logo design." As I often veer a bit off the logo design track, I've been adding many of the more logo-specific postings to my blogfolio Jeff Fisher LogoMotives.

Thanks for the mentions, David.

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David Airey said...

You're very welcome, Jeff. Keep up the great work.