Sickbed with a view

I've been dealing with an odd variety of health issues since the first of the year. As my primary care doctor recently asked, "Can't you just come into my office with something normal?" The assortment of pharmaceuticals I've been on have created even greater challenges.

This past week I was hit with the addition of a cold/flu bug - most likely brought home to my by my partner, who shall now be known as Typhoid Ed. Having a home-based business, I'm never usually around enough people to pick up the illness of the week. Ed seems to work in a Petri dish - everyone brings in whatever they or their kids have at the time, it is allowed to grow within the confines of the office, and then all is taken home to share with others.

The timing was not great. I was so looking forward to a relaxing long weekend with friends on the Oregon Coast - just not this relaxing. For years we've renting the amazing home of a former client in the beautiful beach town of Manzanita. Walks on the beach into town; reading, visiting and drinking on the patio with a view of the Pacific; and great dinners around the kitchen farmhouse table have always been anticipated.

This trip I have yet to wear anything but my "jammies." I've spent most of my time in bed asleep. However, when not sleeping for hours (13 hours Friday night!), I do have a nice perspective of the gorgeous weather since we've been here, incredible sun and moon sets, and the ocean. It's nice to have the windows open to hear the pounding surf.

I guess it's better than being at home and staring at the four walls of my own bedroom.

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David Airey said...

I hope you get well soon, Jeff.

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said...

Thanks David! - J.