Watch for a new, improved online 'Fast Company'

Fast Company is one of my favorite business-related magazines. I've always appreciated the fact that the publication has always given so much coverage to various aspects of design, both in print and online.

This past week I was invited to participate in the beta version of the new, improved Fast Company site - which includes the ability to post an expanded personal profile, participate in a variety of online member interactions, and even create an on-site blog. Last night I received an email, from a Fast Company Senior Editor, that my blog entry "When a design "contest" is not a contest" was featured on the new home page (above), as well as the new Design page.

Those in the design community should be on the lookout for the full launch of the new business magazine site. It could be a great marketing, public relations and networking tool for anyone in the profession - in addition to being a valuable source of information.

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