GD:USA issues annual logo design trend report

My copy of the April 2008 Graphic Design USA magazine arrived today. The major feature of the issue is the annual logo design trend report from Bill Gardner, of the identity design portal LogoLounge and Gardner Design.

It is always interesting to read Gardner's reflections (Web 2.0 and otherwise) on the trends he has seen uploaded to the LogoLounge site, and selected for inclusion in the design book by the same name, during the previous year. Unfortunately, many designers seem to feel that the annual report offers license, inspiration and guidelines for adopting the trends in their upcoming work for the remainder of 2008. I appreciate the fact that Gardner's piece, "More Clean and Less Green," includes the following statement in regards to the trends showcased:

Please remember that they are gathered here to chart long-term movement or change, not to offer design suggestions. It's a living history. The key is to study the trends, then evolve forward - as far forward as you can leap - from them.

Graphic Design USA is a publication offered free to those in the industry. Sign up for a subscription on the magazine's website.

The 2008 trends report is also posted on the LogoLounge site - as are links to the 2003 through 2007 reports.

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