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A couple of weeks ago a writer contacted me in regards to being interviewed for a future article on the Bank of America Small Business Online Community site. To be honest, I had no idea such a resource even existed. He found me through an Internet search in regards to identities for small businesses, which led him to an article I had written and posted on another online resource.

In checking out the Small Business Online Community, I found articles posted on a variety of business-related subjects, a forum of member discussions and the ability for site members to post pieces covering business topics. I've participated in a number of forum discussions and recently posted one of my articles for consideration.

Today I received an email informing me that my article, "The high cost of saving money on a business image," is the current featured article on the site homepage. The piece has already resulted in a lot of traffic to bLog-oMotives and my blogfolio.

In marketing and promoting your own business, put articles out there on appropriate sites and establish your authority as an "expert" in your profession. The added result may be increased traffic to your site, potential new clients, and future requests for interviews from writers looking for qualified sources.

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Christian with a Whip said...

Great job, as always Jeff. I'm going to check the Bank of America site out now - and I thank you for your lead by example. I look forward to reading more articles and entries like this, your success is inspiring, and your generosity in sharing is incredible.