Thanks HOW Design Conference session attendees!

There was great attendance at my 2008 HOW Design Conference session Planning, packaging and promoting yourself as the product. I enjoyed seeing a lot of familiar faces and meeting so many new people. I appreciate those who asked questions and the many who took the time to visit with me afterwards (in fact, I was a half hour late to my Identity Crisis! book signing at the HOW Conference Bookstore!).

In the past, I had not taken photos of the audience at my HOW Conference appearances and I'd always regretted it. So, it was fun asking attendees to squeeze together and say "smart-ass" for the camera.

As mentioned to a few of those attending, here are links to the blog entries covering the portfolio, social networking and social media sites discussed in my presentation:

Marketing design through online portfolios

Marketing through social networking and social media

This bLog-oMotives post is about my media kit:

Prepare for any marketing or promotion opportunity with a customizable 'media kit'

Some asked for information about my project agreement, or contract. Here's a link for you:

Signing on the dotted line...

For those who requested information about pricing considerations, here's another link:

How much should I charge?

For those who had questions about pro bono design work, here's a link to an article on the topic:

Designing pro bono projects for "win-win" results

Additional thanks to those stopping me in the halls of the conference, sending emails and posting on forums to express their thoughts on my presentation and books. It means a great deal to learn that what I am putting "out there" makes a difference in your business efforts and careers.

"The End" photo by ksavage

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