Associated Press business card story
includes Jeff Fisher LogoMotives mention

Last week Jackie Farwell, an independent writer for the Associated Press, interviewed me - and other business professionals - for a news story about the use of the traditional business card as a self-promotion tool in today's non-traditional networking world. With the Jeff Fisher LogoMotives business card being an odd shape and size, she was wondering if I got much negative reaction to its use.

This morning I'm starting to see various formats of the story on international news sites. So far I've seen references on the sites for The Canadian Press, The Columbia Daily Tribune in Columbia, MO,, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The Berkshire Eagle in Pittsfield, MA,, and the Chicago-area publication The SouthtownStar. Don't be surprised if the story pops up in a publication, or on a site, in your neighborhood.

My business card has served me very well the past six years. I recently wrote about it in another bLog-oMotives entry.

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Calvin Lee said...

That is awesome Jeff! You never seize to amaze me. You are the man!

- Cal

Brian Mays said...

This is great, Jeff! Thanks for sharing.

Brian Mays