R.I.P. Create Magazine

Yesterday, as on any given business day, I went to log in to the site of the U.S. design industry publication Create Magazine - and it was gone. In its place was the home page of Graphics.com with the following posting:

Create Magazine Joins Graphics.com Network
(Posted on 2008-06-12 16:03:39)

A few weeks ago, Create Magazine merged with Dynamic Graphics magazine. Beginning with the July/August 2008 issue, this new magazine will feature the best collection of news, tips and insights for creative professionals. (Paid subscribers will continue to receive the magazine, without interruption.)

I'd heard the rumblings of the merger, and of the layoffs of Create Magazine staff, in recent weeks - so the merger wasn't a complete surprise. What is a major disappointment is the death of one of the better online design magazine presences. Create Magazine did it right. With over 13,000 online members, the publication's website provided its readers with online portfolios, the posting of an article each day from its archives, a job board, online chat, image battles, a true sense of community, online versions of the current issue for paid members, and so much more.

The print version of Create Magazine was a great example of a true news publication for the creative industries. The geographic regional editions provided readers with a true perspective of local news and events - something lacking in most design industry magazines. I was privileged to have Jeff Fisher Logomotives news published in the magazine on numerous occasions. I was sometimes quoted in articles in the publication, and the editors were kind enough to plug my book, Identity Crisis!, earlier this year.

It will be interesting to see how the merger with Dynamic Graphics evolves. I've always been a fan of Dynamic Graphics - in fact, my marketing packet is featured in an article in the current issue. Unfortunately, the web presences of Dynamic Graphics and sister publication STEP Inside Design, are not match for the late, great Create Magazine site. I personally feel that design industry professionals deserve, and expect, better from representative industry journals. I do hope that the Graphics.com network takes that fact into consideration as they move forward. Some of the plans - and immediate implications of the merger - are addressed on the Graphics.com site.

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Pete said...

Hey Jeff, I actually just sent an email to you asking if you had any information on the whole Create Magazine shutdown. I was surprised that they just shut it down without any notice leaving me in the lurch as far as contacts/partners I had there. I truly miss that site very much. I tried emailing at the address graphics.com gave [customerservicecm@createmagazine.com] for information about my VIP membership but it appears to be the wrong address as it keeps coming back.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Great article.



Calvin Lee said...

Hey Jeff

It was a great resource. I was also sadden to see that the site just disappeared without notice. The quality of the magazine and web site were making leaps and bounds. Then this happens. Very sad!

- Cal

Anonymous said...

It is truly a shame what has happened with Create Magazine. Just want everyone out there to know this wasn't Create's doing. The sudden disappearance of the site and magazine was beyond their control and was a big shock to everyone at Create as well. I do hope that Graphics.com will give the creative community the resource and usability that createmagazine.com offered.
From those of us that worked there...thanks for the comps, I believe Create did get it right. It was the people + passion that made it all happen!