A new favorite: The Charles and Ray Eames stamps

Yesterday, in Santa Monica, California, the Postal Service™ issued a commemorative sheet of 42–cent stamps recognizing Charles and Ray Eames. Honoring the husband-and-wife design team, this commemorative sheet of 16 stamps was designed by Derry Noyes - Art Director and designer for the USPS - and represents the breadth of their extraordinary body of creative work, which includes architecture, furniture, film and exhibits.

A long-time fan of the Eames' work, I was able to pick up a couple sheets at my local post office this morning. The stamps are also available for purchase through The Postal Store online.

To learn more about the extraordinary Charles and Ray Eames, check out the site of the Eames Foundation. The Chairman of the Board of the Eames Foundation, and the Director of the Eames Office, is Eames Demetrios - grandson of Charles and Ray Eames. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the University & College Designers Association conference a few years ago. In fact, I almost had to fill in for him as the keynote speaker when he was late due to being stuck in traffic. With an audience expecting the multi-talented bearer of the Eames family legacy, I would have been a huge disappointment to the conference attendees.

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eames chair said...

Wow, I'll be heading over to the post office tomorrow!