Jeff Fisher to speak at APNBA

Business District Association Conference

Tomorrow I'll be one of 14 speakers at the Business District Association Conference sponsored by the Alliance of Portland Neighborhood Business Associations (APNBA). Conference participants will hear the "best practices" of their fellow business districts, plus speakers from the business community, as they share insights into building, growing, and maintaining a thriving organization. The APNBA is an alliance of the 30+ business district associations (BDAs) in Portland. BDA members are the merchants, property owners, and employees in the commercial districts surrounding the downtown area of the city.

The topic of my presentation is "Projecting a professional association image." I'll be discussing making use of graphic design, and the services of professional or student designers, in presenting a professional, consistent public image for organizations and their sponsored events. Having an effective identity will be one element I will cover in my presentation. In part, that will include the need to sometimes redesign an identity, while taking into consideration aspects such as the emotional attachment to an existing logo, the historical perspective of the current design, and maintaining the essence of the message being conveyed by an image.

The APNBA presentation is a great example of how a designer can use a speaking engagement to promote one's work while educating a potential client base. Business conferences, Chamber of Commerce meetings, local business organizations, and other business-related events present great opportunities for a "creative type" to preach what one practices. The added bonus of a potential client may be an immediate result - I already have one before tomorrow's APNBA conference even commences.

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