Re-Design: Childpeace Montessori Community

In 1999 I was contracted to create a new identity for the Childpeace Montessori Community. The existing geometric logo seemed somewhat cold and impersonal in representing the education facility. I was asked to design an image that was softer, more inviting and played upon the school location on Portland's North Park Blocks.

With the school and its playground equipment so connected to the treed city park location, I chose to make leaves the primary graphic element in the design. A trio of elm leaves was positioned over the word "Childpeace," creating a situation where the descender of the "p" letterform hinted at being part of a tree branch. By extending that descender a bit, space was made available for the words "Montessori" and "Community" to fit in easily, forming a tight identity for the facility.

Making use of a gradation in the leaf elements gave the image a sense of warmth and energy. However, for ease of reproduction in some applications the logo was also produced in a version with solid leaves.

The Childpeace Montessori Community identity received a 2000 American Graphic Design Award.

With a move to a new location in the summer of 2003, and adoption of the name Childpeace Montessori School, the short-lived logo was retired.

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