I'm now a cartoon character...

Cartoonist, artist and writer Lloyd Dangle was one of the speakers at the recent 2008 Creative Freelance Conference in Chicago. When not making a presentation himself, he was busy at his sketchpad. I saw him doodling away during my own closing speech at the event. When I was finished, and came off the stage, Dangle handed me a personalized cartoon drawn - and based on one of my comments - while I was speaking to the conference attendees (above).

I was not the only conference presenter who became a cartoon character. Dangle created ink versions of Ilise Benun and Peleg Top of Marketing Mentor; PR and issues management specialist Joan Gladstone of Gladstone International; author, speaker, trainer and entrepreneur Lee Silber; Dyana Valentine, founder and principal of Creative Collaboration; and communicatrix Colleen Wainwright. HOW Magazine Editor Bryn Mooth also didn't escape the pen.

Dangle has posted his Creative Freelancer Conference cartoons in a Flickr set for all to view.

Check out the Creative Freelancer Conference blog for event followups, photos and links mentioned during presentations. More of Lloyd Dangle's cartoons may be seen on his website. I'm a big fan of his illustrations on the Airborne packaging.

Images © 2008 Lloyd Dangle

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