Jeff Fisher judges 'American Graphic Design & Advertising 25' - and is featured in AGDA25 book

One year ago this week Jeff Fisher, the Engineer of Creative Identity for the firm Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, was asked to be a judge for American Graphic Design and Advertising 25. Formerly known as the American Corporate Identity Awards, the competition was expanded in its 25th year to include a much greater selection of graphic design work. Fisher, with over 30 years of identity design experience, was chosen to judge the logo design portion of the competition.

David E. Carter and Suzanna MW Stephens compiled the resulting annual publication, American Graphic Design and Advertising 25. The book was recently released by Collins Design, an imprint of HarperCollins.

A biography of Fisher and several examples of his own favorite work are included in the volume. The representative logo designs include:

• Jeff Fisher LogoMotives - The designer's own identity was a ten-year process. The image is featured in Letterhead and Logo Design 5, American Corporate Identity/14, New Logo & Trademark Design (Japan), PRINT's Regional Design Annual, The New Big Book of Logos, PRINT’s Best Logos & Symbols 6, Logo Design for Small Business 2, The Big Book of Business Cards, Logos from North to South America (Spain), New Logo & Trademark Collection (Japan), and The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success.

• Holocaust Remembrance Project - One of a series of logos created for the Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation, this logo gives a graphic identity to the annual Holocaust remembrance essay contest for high school students. The triangle elements are used in a positive manner to take ownership of the negative image of the concentration camp uniform identification patches from the past. The design received a 2008 American Graphic Design Award and is showcased in the book 100s Visual Logos & Letterheads (UK).

• Vista House - This logo was created for the Friends of Vista House, Oregon State Parks Trust, and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The designer's sister, Sue Fisher, was Creative Director for the effort. Vista House was built in 1916-1918 as a memorial to Oregon pioneers and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The identity appears in the books Typography, Graphis Logo 6, Logos from North to South America (Spain) and 100s Visual Logos & Letterheads (UK).

• The Sentinel - A logo redesign for a monthly North Portland neighborhood newspaper involved combining letterforms from two typefaces, Boca Raton and Rockwell, to create a unique type treatment of the word "Sentinel." A third typeface, Helvetica Neue, was introduced for the line of location text.

• Cat Adoption Team - In an "aha" moment this rough concept came together. With the acronym C.A.T., there was a desire to create a graphic image that would clearly identify the organization without the need to spell out the name in all uses. The design won a Silver Award in the Summit Creative Awards. It is featured in the books Killed Ideas, Vol. 1, Letterhead & Logo Design 11, Designing for the Greater Good, LogoLounge Master Library Vol. 2, and the upcoming Logo Nest 01 (Australia)

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives has been the recipient of 27 American Corporate Identity Awards in the past.

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