A look back at '09: Jeff Fisher LogoMotives in articles

In 2009 many print and online articles, Internet logo design collections and other resources included Jeff Fisher LogoMotives. Here are a few favorites from throughout the year:

Gardens and Their Designers, Design Observer, by Timothy Jack Ward (October 2009) Read more here.

Self-Promotion the Social Way, HOW Magazine, by Jeff Fisher (October 2009) Read more here.

Sidebar: 8 tips and tricks for professional and effective 'Self-Promotion the Social Way,' HOW Magazine, by Jeff Fisher (October 2009)

• Career: Office Anthropologist, HOW Magazine, by Julie Sims (August 2009) Read more here.

Crazy Train, Toots Style: Local Design Savant Turned Clown Has the Last Laugh, Just Out, by Ryan J. Prado (May 2009) Read more here.

Using Twitter to Promote Your Book, FreelanceSwitch.com, by Kristen Fischer (March 2009) Read more here.

Five Great - and necessary - Marketing Makeovers, Entrepreneur Magazine, by Gwen Moran (February 2009) Read more here.

There were many more online and print mentions and sightings of Jeff Fisher in 2009. A complete listing may be found on the Jeff Fisher LogoMotives blogfolio.

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