Two new logo sites provide competition, inspiration and opportunities for designers to be published

Logo designers from around the world currently have the ability to post their design efforts on a wide variety of portfolio and gallery sites. Some simply provide opportunities to share identity designs as inspiration. Others offer a format allowing site visitors to vote on and critique uploaded logos. A site such as the successful membership-based LogoLounge provides interviews, news, articles and results in "winning" designs being published in books.

With new year comes the introduction of two new logos sites offering competition, inspiration and opportunities to possibly be published:

Logo Nest

According to the site:

Logo Nest is a place dedicated to creative designers, both professionals and amateurs, where you can share and compare your creative work. Publishing on this web site is free, and it includes no payment of any kind. Every day, every month and every year, we declare the best logo design, and all logos published on this site will be published in a book Logo Nest 01 at the end of the 2010!

Obviously, one of the advantages for any designer is the fact no submission fees are charged for this Australia-based site. There is no indication of the identity of the competition's "professional and competent judges," who are making initial selections and naming monthly winners. However, in early 2011, designers and site visitors do get the final say in voting for the annual design winner. The site also offers a blog of logo-related entries - and the latest news can be learned by following Logo Nest on Twitter.


The iheartlogos home page states:

This is a design competition – the only one of its kind. You are the judge here. So is everyone else. When you submit a logo, you let the entire design community decide its fate. In return, you get the right to judge everyone else’s work.

That means when the ever-so-coveted book of winners is published, the winning logos will have been selected by the entire design world. Not some "famous" judge. The award for winning this logo design competition is paid in the highest form of currency – respect.

Site registration is required to view and vote on logo designs at There is a $10 fee for each logo submission. A blog of logo design articles, and other features to come, rounds out the site. Twitter is also being used to share information from @iheartlologs. (In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I did participate in the beta testing for

Design competitions can be great ego and career boosters. The international presence of online galleries, being published in design books, and the publicity opportunities from winning results are great additions to a designer's marketing and promotion efforts. My own use of competitions, and the author/publisher relationships established in the process, has resulted in my work being featured in over 130 books. Logo Nest and iheartlogos are both included in the list of design competitions and book submission requests posted regularly on bLog-oMotives.

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