'The ditch between white trash

and trailer trash is called hope'

"My momma always used to say, 'The ditch between white trash and trailer trash is called hope.'"

So reads a line from the book Crumbs of Love: And That's All You're Ever Going To Get, by Donnie (the pseudonym of my friend and long-time Portland client Don Horn). I want to congratulate Horn for writing and publishing his memoir, which publisher iUniverse describes as "an unforgettable story of love, betrayal, and one father’s need to always be in control."

Don Horn, a playwright and theatrical producer, has been a friend and client since I met him opening night of his first play nearly 17 years ago. Over those years I've designed over 100 logos for his triangle productions! theatre company, in addition to posters, ads, playbills, T-shirts, an occasional prop and more. I even designed a paper doll book called Dressin' With Divine for the company. A decade ago, he trusted me enough to allow me the opportunity to spend a summer directing the play Party!, with its cast of a gaggle of nude men (including Peter Paige who went on to fame as Emmett on Queer as Folk.). He has always been a great friend and for about six years we've had a Thursday morning theraputic "koffee klatch" with several others. Horn also played host for the wedding of my partner and I at his theater in 2004.

Years ago I read the rough draft of Horn's memoir. The man has led an incredibly fascinating life. I really look forward to reading the book in its final form.

Crumbs of Love is available in book form from Amazon and from iUniverse as an Adobe eBook download.

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