"My Kid Could Design That Restaurant Logo!"

That odd headline, from a recent entry on the New York Magazine blog Grub Street, popped up on my Internet radar this morning. When I checked out the link I was thrilled to find the work of Louise Fili (a designer whose restaurant identity work I truly admire) featured in a blurb about her designs being included in the Society of Illustrators' current exhibition at the Museum of Illustration in New York. You need to hurry if you want to see the exhibit in person as it ends on January 27th. I'd previously read about the exhibit, but had done little to check out what it was all about (I've been a little busy writing a book in recent months...).

Luckily the exhibit "Letter As Image,Image As Letter," described as "six designers reinventing lettering and creating new vocabularies of design," also has a great online presence. Check out the incredible restaurant logos by Fili - including the design for one of my favorite restaurants, The Pink Door in Seattle. The site also allows you to view the beautiful illustrative efforts of Michael Doret, Gerard Huerta, Tom Nikosey, Daniel Pelavin, and Tom White.

I'm glad that headline caught my attention this morning - although I'm now distracted checking out the work of some fascinating designers and illustrators. It's very satisfying to know that some kids do grow up to create restaurant logos the calibre of Louise Fili's work.

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