Gastronomical orgasms in a pretty purple gift box

I was very flattered when I got an email from a design industry peer (you know who you are!) thanking me for my mentions and support of their design firm over the past year. I was even more surprised to read that a gift of appreciation was on its way - and that "for optimal flavor, the items should be consumed by the suggested date."

OK, now I was really curious. I anxiously awaited the "clank" of the lid of my mailbox each day. When the package arrived I opened it to a beautiful little purple folded envelope containing an even more stunning tiny purple and white self-promo piece. That envelope was sitting upon a gorgeous purple box, wrapped with a purple satin ribbon, and on top the box were the words "Vosges Haut-Chocolat." (The entire presentation was fan-frickin'-tastic!)

I honestly think I started to salivate - or perhaps I was foaming at the mouth.

I'd been told all about Vosges chocolates when in Chicago for the 2005 HOW Design Conference - and previously read some of founder Katrina Markoff's great press. However, with my crazed schedule I didn't have the time visit the Michigan Avenue boutique.

The chocolates were truly multiple orgasms in a purple gift box. I received an Exotic Truffle Collection box of amazing variety. My gift included the delectible Naga (sweet Indian curry powder, coconut and milk chocolate), Black Pearl (ginger, wasabi, dark chocolate and black sesame seeds), Absinthe (Chinese star anise, fennel, pastis, dark chocolate and cocoa powder), Ambrosia (macadamia nuts, Cointreau and white chocolate), Chef Pascal (kirsch, dark chocolate and dried Michigan cherry), Gianduia (crunchy hazelnut praline, milk chocolate and praline bits), Wink of the Rabbit (caramel milk chocolate and organic New Mexican pecan), Woolloomooloo (Australian macadamia nut,coconut and milk chocolate), and Budapest (sweet Hungarian paprika and dark chocolate). I'm drooling on my keyboard just remembering the unbelievable sensations and flavors.

I must compliment Vosges Haut-Chocolat, and their designer(s), for the beautiful packaging and company literature contained within. Additional thanks go out to the design professional who sent me the wonderful gift. It was enjoyed with many "oohs," "aahs" and assorted moans while following the "see," "lick," "snap" and "taste" instructions from the "How to eat a truffle" booklet.

I think I will follow the advice from the Vosges Haut-Chocolat website and my New year's resolution will be to "Eat Chocolate" - much more chocolate - in 2007.

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Dani Nordin said...

I love foodgasms! I also resolve to have many many more of them... although mine don't need to be chocolate-based. Those first two (the curry and black sesame) sound SO up my alley. I also love the paprika idea—I tried to make chocolate-dipped carrots with a bit of chipotle and dark chocolate, but the carrots were too wet and the chocolate wouldn't stick to them. I'm going to try it again someday, though...