Design studio housecleaning - excavated artifact #2

As I explained in an earlier post, I've been going through boxes of nearly 30 years worth of design work as I attempt to get my studio a bit more organized. In the process I've been coming across initial sketches that became final logos for many clients. Some of the doodles have been on Post-It notes, the backs of envelopes and little scraps of paper.

After initially meeting Don Horn - the founder of Portland's triangle productions! theatre company - at his very first opening night, I began designing logos, signage, posters, T-shirts, theatre programs and other items for his shows and theatre spaces. It was the start of what has become a 15+ year business relationship and friendship. Horn has always been one of my favorite clients; giving me complete creative freedom on the design projects. I have also been recognized with more design awards for the theatre projects than those for any other single client.

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to create logos for plays with great names. Soon after Horn told me he would be producing the show When Pigs Fly I scribbled a rough concept on a little yellow Post-It note. It immediately seemed natural that the curly tail of the pig would become the "S" in the show's name. The final design evolved directly from that sketch and made use of the colors selected for all promotional pieces for that year's schedule of productions. An added bonus was that the When Pigs Fly identity was recognized with an American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design: usa and a Bronze Award from the Summit Creative Awards.

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Carl G said...

I love your sketches and finished product Jeff, I was wondering if you ever considered teaching. I've read your book, and it covered much of what design students don't really hear in school. I know you have a huge presence in the forums as well, and you are always offering great advice and guidence.

Just wondering about your thoughts on ever teaching a corp. id class or anything like that.

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said...

Carl -

Thanks for your note. I'd be much more likely to conduct seminars or workshops on identity/logo design topics. I'm not sure I'd do well in the structured format of weekly classes.

- J.