Judy Litt: Thank you, you will be missed, and good luck in the future

Judy Litt, the guide for the About.Com Graphic Design site, posted the following on the web resource's home page this morning:

Thanks to the graphic design community

"It has been my great pleasure and privilege to guide this site for 8+ years. It has given me many opportunities I never thought would come my way, and allowed me to meet a wonderful community of graphic designers from all over the globe. It is time to move on, and turn this site over to someone who will come in with fresh, new, exciting ideas. I hope that you will give whoever takes over this site the courtesy and respect you've always given to me. I want to thank all my community, because the simple truth is this site isn't successful because of me. It's successful because of you. Thank you for helping me to make this site one of the best graphic design sites on the Net."

The About.com Graphic Design Forum was the first such site I stumbled upon when I first went online in 1998, and Judy was an incredible welcoming force. Throughout the years she has been a very valuable resource to anyone coming to the forum seeking education advice, career recommendations or project suggestions. When necessary she was able to get forum threads back on track, don her "referee's shirt" to settle disagreements, or politely put an annoying "troll" in their place - all while running her own design business. In addition, Judy was a contributor to my book The Savvy Designer's Guide to Success. I'm so pleased that I had the opportunity to meet her in person at the HOW Design Conference a couple years ago. In the online graphic design community Judy is someone for whom I've always had a lot of respect. Judy, you will be missed greatly as the forum moderator. Thank you for your contributions to the profession of design. Best of luck in all your future ventures.

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Piers Le Sueur (ArtnSoul) said...

God Bless Judy!!!! hasn't she been great!...

Just while I'm here... I've just posted my own blog http://stirringsfromthesoul.blogspot.com/ ... I've got to "flesh" a few things out, but it's there... oh and how do you add the connections to other sites and blogs? I can't find a setting for that anywhere!

Have a great day!
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