New calls for entries: From Index Books in Spain

The Spanish design book publishing company Index Book has issued to calls for entries for two upcoming design volumes. The first is Nude (Just Labels) by Ignasi Vich. The book will feature labels design for products that - because of shape, specific requirements or shipping restrictions - require exceptionally strong labels for identification or purchase persuasion. Vich also wrote the Index Book offering Mute (Just Pictograms).

The second call for entries is for Josep M. Garrofé's upcoming book Structurall Cards. The book will feature invitations, greeting cards and other designed items that stand out due to unique aesthetics or original concepts. Garrofé is the author of the recently published Structural Packaging.

Additional information about submission requirements may be found at the links for the two books.

Index Book publishes some excellent design resources. Some of my own work is included in one of their latest releases, Logos from North to South America by Pedro Guitton. In fact, my designs for the Peninsula Clean Team, Coyner's Auto Body, Oregon Family OUTings, and the play "Caught in the Net" (all Oregon clients) are featured on the Index Book promotion page for the volume. I look forward to seeing an actual copy of the book in the near future.

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