bLog-oMotives tickles "Cat's Fancy"

bLog-oMotives is featured in the recently posted Cat's Fancy column on Creative Latitude. With each update, Cat Morley (who wears the multiple hats of principal of Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design, President of the Professional Graphic Design Association and Project Manager for Creative Latitude) features several blogs from the site Designer's Who Blog. She then comments on the blogs and interviews the designers posting their thoughts online.

In addition to bLog-oMotives, the latest Cat's Fancy features Graphic Push by Kevin Potts, Neil Tortorella's Inside the Marketing Mind, The Prepared Mind from Chris Gee, Von Glitschka's art backwash, the Freshly Squeezed droplets of Robert Wurth and Angela Mittan, Adholes by Jesse Tayler and Marc Lefton, Jeff Andrews' Design Inspiration, Dot's Market from Lisa Duty, and Elisabetta Bruno's Creative Expression.

© 2005 Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

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thec said...

Jeff, thanks for the mention. It was a pleasure featuring your blog both on DWB and Creative Latitude.

Here's wishing a Happy New 2006!