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LogoMotives presented Spirit of Portsmouth Award

In a recent blog entry, Designs on a North Portland neighborhood, I mentioned that you will often find your best and most appreciative clients right outside your front door. That appreciation was exhibited Tuesday night when one of my clients, the Portsmouth Neighborhood Association, presented Jeff Fisher LogoMotives their "Spirit of Portsmouth Award" for designing their logo in 2005. Each year, the members and board of the association nominate individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the Portsmouth neighborhood. The awards were presented at the group's annual holiday party, held at Columbia Cottage in Columbia Park. City of Portland Commissioners Sam Adams and Dan Saltzman, State Representative Gary Hansen, board members, community activists and neighborhood residents attended the event.

Two of my clients also received 2005 awards. Susie Law is a staff member of my longtime client the Peninsula Community Development Corporation. The University Park United Methodist Church was also honored. This past summer I designed the logo for their North Portland Pride BBQ and Festival.

Those recogized at the second annual awards ceremony were:

Adela & LeAnn Locher – in recognition of a lovely garden

Susie Law – in recognition of tree plantings and youth nurturing

Walsh Construction – in recognition of being a good neighbor during the building of New Columbia and lighting of the reader board at Portsmouth Middle School

Pamela Kambur – in recognition of being our champion at the Housing Authority of Portland and the St. Johns Parade Drum Major

Officer Jason Christensen – in recognition of unique problem solving and community policing

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives – in recognition of generosity in creating Portsmouth Neighborhood Association’s identity and logo

University Park United Methodist Church – in recognition of community programs and dedication to the Portsmouth neighborhood

Karl Dawson, Urban Forestry – in recognition of creating the Columbia Park Tree Walk

Edna Riddle – in recognition of a lifetime of community involvement (She's lived in the neighborhood, and been an active participant, for over 60 years!)

Mitchell Underwood & Jeff Hinshaw – in recognition of fabulous landscaping and holiday lights

Mitch Gould & Roger Moss – in recognition of a wonderful home transformation

Master Muffler – in recognition of caring enough to keep a garden for all to enjoy

Thank you to the Portsmouth Neighborhood Association for the "thank you."

* If I don't "toot!" my own horn, no one else will

© 2005 Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

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