Funny things happen on the way to the forums

In late 1998 I finally joined the online design community from my home-based design studio in Portland, Oregon. Having been a one-person operation most of the 27 years I have been in the design field, I did occasionally experience bouts of isolation from the rest of the world. That was about to change.

Judy Litt (until recently the guide for the Graphic Design Forum - see previous blog entry), Bryn Mooth (Editor of HOW Magazine and a moderator of the HOW Design Forum, Gavin Laking (Administrator of The Designers Network Forum, and Bob Nicholl (Lead Moderator for the Graphic Design Forum graciously agreed to answer a series of questions from me about the forums in which they are involved, and forums in general.

Read the entire article, Funny things happen on the way to the forums, at Creative Latitude.

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Carl G said...

Great article Jeff, I would say that the forum culture is remarkable. Professionals seeking out help, and keep posting eventually become close friends offline. I see this is true especially on HOW and also GDF (I speak from personal experience).

Having a presence online has both inspired me, and promoted me in getting started as a freelancer on the side of my full time job working as a graphic designer. There is a wealth of information people are willing to share free so long as others will listen.

Thank you for this article, and a special thank you to the contributors as well from the respective forums.